Internal Evaluation Framework

The NSO Generic Learning Outcomes

Alongside the two external evaluations which the NSO has commissioned over the last 10 years (2013 and 2020), we have also developed our own framework for the internal evaluation of our activities and resources.


Our vision: To become a recognised world-leading resource for the enrichment of STEM subjects


To meet this vision we are guided by a strategy and a set of Generic Learning Outcomes. These cover a range of areas the NSO wishes to have an impact:

  • Understanding: Specific to each activity we carry out, we will measure the knowledge transfer of our resources.
  • Skills: Through engagement with the NSO participants should develop the skills to: take and analyse astronomical images; participate in informed STEM discussions, and share their skills and knowledge with others.
  • Values: Through engagement with the NSO participants should value: the role of science in society; the opportunities available for STEM careers, and the benefits of astronomy and blue skies research.
  • Feelings: Through the use of the NSO we expect participants to feel: empowered to ask questions; inspired to find out more, and satisfied with their experience.
  • Behaviour: As a result of our engagement we want participants to: consider studying or working in STEM fields; look more positively at STEM, and participate in more STEM activities.

For more information on our evaluation framework please download our summary document.