Internal Evaluation Framework

Alongside the two external evaluations which The Schools' Observatory has commissioned over the last 10 years (2013 and 2020), we have also developed our own framework for the internal evaluation of our activities and resources.

Our mission is to make the Universe accessible to everyone, empowering them to do more and know more.

To meet this vision, we are guided by a strategy and a set of Universal Learning Outcomes which encompass the impact we wish to have on our audiences.

These ensure that those who engage with The Schools’ Observatory will:

  • Understanding: 
    • Experience the wonder of space and astronomy
    • Gain appropriate understanding and knowledge.
  • Skills: Develop the skills to:
    • Become critical thinkers
    • Apply the scientific method
    • Collect, analyse, and interpret scientific data
    • Apply maths knowledge to real-world contexts
    • Improve their technical literacy
    • Share their knowledge with others
  • Values: 
    • Cherish the Earth as a unique planet
    • Understand their place as a global citizen
    • Value the opportunities that a STEM career provides
    • Understand the role of astronomy and STEM in culture and society
    • Understand the power of astronomy and STEM to benefit the world
  • Feelings: 
    • Feel valued and welcomed
    • Be empowered to ask questions 
    • Feel a sense of achievement
    • Be confident in their abilities
    • Feel inspired to continue their learning
  • Behaviour: 
    • Deepen their engagement with STEM
    • Take part in more STEM activities 
    • Be more likely to pursue STEM careers
    • Become an advocate for STEM