Alison Keen


Development and Marketing Officer


I graduated with a Computer Studies degree in (well, that's my secret!) and spent the next decade making websites of one sort or another and working with small companies & communities to help them get started with their own websites. I joined The Schools' Observatory in 2012 as their Development and Marketing Officer and continue to help people get access to something not usually available to non-professionals. I think i have the best job in the world but I am sure the astronauts would disagree!

Favourite Astronomical Object

At the moment it's the Horsehead nebula, thanks to the latest images taken by Hubble but as there is so much up there I am sure that will change in a month or two.

About me

As well as being lucky enough to love my job, I also love to make cakes. I have been told they taste good too (which is a good thing for my family and friends) and so I get to practice quite a lot. As you might have guessed from my picture collage above I also like Doctor Who and lots of other Sci-fi TV shows and movies. But my absolute favourite thing is holidays, my favourite destination being a lovely little port in Mallorca where the sun sets between two hills I must have about 100 photographs of that sunset.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Contact Details

You can contact Alison at