User Groups

It is incredibly important that the NSO hears from its users and that we are responsive to the wants and needs of educators across the UK and Ireland. We value your voice.

We are therefore creating 2 new user groups: NSO Champions and an NSO Teachers' Network.

Applications for NSO Champions have now closed. If you want to join the NSO Teachers' Network, please complete this sign-up form


NSO Champions

Schools' Observatory Champion LogoThe role of NSO Champions would be to work with the NSO to guide our direction and development. We are keen that educators with this role are rewarded in some way for their commitment and this will be discussed at the first meeting.

NSO Champions will:

  • attend termly meetings with the NSO team (virtually).
  • attend an annual event in Liverpool each year.
  • have a first look at any new resources in the classroom and feedback to the NSO prior to their online launch.

Meetings will focus on things we would like to get steer on from our users. This could be (but is not limited to):

  • new resources
  • marketing the NSO
  • teacher training and CPD

Champions will need to commit to the following activities:

  • Online group meetings of ~2hours per term
  • Summer in person 2 day meeting (travel, accommodation and food expenses will be covered by the NSO)
  • Testing resources in school - 2 to 3 days per year

The NSO will work with the NSO Champions to find the most suitable timing for these activities.


Membership of the NSO Champions group

We want to be completely transparent regarding membership to the NSO Champions group. In order that meetings are easier to schedule, and that everyone’s voices are heard, we are limiting participation in this group to 10 members.

We want this group to be as representative as possible of the voice of educators throughout the UK and Ireland. Therefore, we have set the following targets:

  • There must be representation from primary, secondary, and further education levels.
  • There must be representation from at least 3 (ideally all 5) of the nations covered by the NSO: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
  • There must be a maximum of one teacher from a fee-paying school.

Additional to this, we would like representation from at least 2 teachers from the Liverpool City Region, in line with our commitment to Liverpool John Moores University and our civic duty.

We are looking to have diversity reflected across the group in line with the representation of educators in the UK and Ireland in terms of race, gender, and experience.

We welcome educators who have additional specialisms e.g., SEN specialists or non-physics specialists.

We tell you this to be truly clear about our decision process as to membership of the NSO Champion group – we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion through the NSO and this must be reflected across all our levels. We are sorry if this means that some educators who may be interested in joining the NSO Champions group are not able to. We hope in that case you would join our NSO Teachers' Network.


NSO Teachers' Network

NSO Teacher Network LogoThis will focus on providing teachers in the network with a first look at new NSO resources. The network will test resources in the classroom and provide feedback to the NSO. This role does not require you to attend any scheduled meetings and will primarily focus on online communication channels. It will allow us to ensure that activities hosted on the NSO are fit for the classroom and provide a feedback channel for any future developments that you would like to see.