Spotting Asteroids and NEOs in LT Images

Image of the asteroid Ida
Image of the asteroid Ida
Credit: NASA

This activity is designed to allow you to learn how to find asteroids and Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) in images from the Liverpool Telescope and other telescopes. Using the same techniques employed by professional astronomers, you will quickly learn how to detect real asteroids in real observations. You can then move on to the next section of this project and find out how to measure and report the position of asteroids and NEOs in images you download from our website.


You will need to download a set of teacher notes, an introductory PowerPoint presentation, a set of student notes, and the image data to be analysed using LTImage.

Teacher Notes: MS Word Format or PDF Format
Introductory Presentation: MS PowerPoint

Student Notes:

Age 7-11: MS Word Format or PDF Format
Age 11-16: MS Word Format or PDF Format
More Able Tasks: MS Word Format or PDF Format

Data Files :

The first set of image files contain simulated asteroids, and are for training purposes.

The second set of image files are real data relating to an LT search for the asteroid NEO 2001 GQ2.