Quiz Corner

Title Short Description
Apollo Anniversary In celebration of the 50th Apollo Anniversary - why not try your hand at this short quiz!
Astronomical Influencers Quiz Astronomical Influencers Quiz
Galaxy Classification Classify galaxies into their main types; Spiral, Elliptical and Irregular.
General Astronomy Test your current knowledge of astronomy with this short quiz.
Mars in Orbit Can you trace the orbit of Mars around the Sun?
Planet Facts Memory Game Use your memory to match the planets. Can you do it fast enough for a place on the leaderboard?
Rockets Test your knowledge on the basics of rockets
Solar System A multiple choice quiz all about the Solar System.
Solar System Word Search Solar System Word Search
Stellar Evolution Card Match Can you match the images to the description of the evolution of a star during it's lifetime?
The Earth, Sun and Moon A short quiz looking at the Earth, Sun and Moon system.
The Life Cycle of a Star Place the words in the correct location on the image to create a life cycle of a star.
The Order of the Planets Can you correctly arrange the planets in our Solar System?
What kind of nebula is this? Historically the word nebula described a dusty, fuzzy object in space. Now we know these are all different objects - can you classify them properly?