Image of the Month - October 2017

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One of of our student members submitted this observation to us recently via our forum Share Your Images.

This observation of NGC7635x, also known as the Bubble Nebula, was taken using our 'Observe a Nebula' feature on Go Observing, and is a single frame observation taken in a hydrogen filter (H alpha) which shows the gas and dust in the nebula being illuminated by the nearby star. The Bubble Nebula is created by the stellar winds from the massive central star, known as BD+60°2522, which can be seen in the top left of the bubble, and has a mass over 40 times that of the Sun. The stellar winds crash into the surrounding star formation region, and the whole thing glows from the heat of the star.

You can use our LTImage software to have a look at this remarkable object using the FITS file below.

Bubble Nebula