Getting Started with the NSO

Once you've registered for an account the entire website is yours to access. Why not explore the site to get you started.

The menus across the top of the page will take you to different sections.

  • If you want to learn about what's going on in the world of astronomy why not check out our news pages. We'll also keep you up to date with what's happening with the NSO here.
  • Want to dive in and start taking observations using the Liverpool Telescope? Then head straight to the Go Observing section.
  • Fancy testing your knowledge of space, or finding out something new? Then the Discover section is for you. Access a wide range of exciting resources from classroom activities (complete with lesson plans), to STEM club resources and interactive quizzes. There's also a selection of more advanced research-focused projects.
  • Want to know something about galaxies, the Moon or life elsewhere in the Universe? Then check out our Learn section. It's full of accurate information, written by professional astronomers, about all things space.
  • Need some inspiration? Then why not look at our Gallery, full of beautiful observations taken by our users with the Liverpool Telescope.
  • Lost on how to use the software or submit an observation? Want to listen to interviews with astronauts? Find out the answer to questions like: What caused the Big Bang? Will we ever be able to travel faster than the speed of light? or What's inside a Blackhole? Then why not check out our dedicated YouTube channel to see what videos are on offer.
  • Have an amazing image you just can't wait to share, or a burning question you need the answer to? Then head to the forums and engage with other users, or submit your observations and we might add your to the #ShowtheNSO Gallery!
  • Finally, if you are stuck and need help then you're in the right section. The links below should answer any questions you may have - if not the please get in touch!
  • Steps Description
    Learn about the NSOFind out more about the National Schools' Observatory.
    Manage your AccountKeep your details up to date. If you're a registered teacher you can create student accounts here.
    Learn how to ObserveWatch tutorials on how to request observations from the telescope.
    Learn how to AnalyseWatch tutorials on how we analyse data from the telescope.
    Download LTImageNSO's own software for viewing and analysing your images.