We've Launched our new BSL Videos!

Our exciting news for users of British Sign Language! 

We've launched our newest ongoing project - the expansion of the NSO into the British Sign Language (BSL) community. Our aim is to reach out as much as possible to all who are under-represented in astronomy/astrophysics and are delighted to bring to you some newly translated, HD videos from our YouTube channel. 

As an example of what to find on our YouTube channel, here is our translated version of 'Using Go Observing to request a 3-colour image (BSL)':

A full list of our current BSL videos is as follows:


  • GCSE 3-colour Imaging (BSL)
  • Using ‘Go Observing’ to request a 3-colour image (BSL)
  • Using ‘Go Observing’ to request an image (BSL)
  • Manage Student Accounts (BSL)


  • Exoplanets: TRAPPIST-1 System (BSL)
  • Dr. Jackie Bell (BSL)
  • NASA Astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers (BSL)

Ask an Astronomer

  • All ‘Ask an Astronomer’ videos with Prof. Andy Newsam of the NSO  (BSL)


To find out more, simply follow the above video to our YouTube channel or Click Here.