Image Processing

Haida Liang

Occupation: Professor of Physics

Research Areas: Imaging and Sensing, Conservation, Science and Art


"I’m working on the boundary between optical imaging and history… physics and history are the two things that I love."

Delweddu 3-Lliw

Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 11-16 oed mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn rhoi cyfle i’r disgyblion astudio sut mae delweddau hidlo yn cyfuno i greu delweddau lliw a hefyd, drwy ddefnyddio meddalwedd seryddol, cynhyrchu delweddau 3-lliw o wrthrych seryddol eu hunain.

3-Colour Imaging

Aimed at pupils aged 11-16, this workshop provides students with an opportunity to use astronomical software, study how filtered images combine to make coloured images and allows the students to have a go creating their own 3-colour images of astronomical objects.

You can download the individual files needed for this activity below, or this zip file (80mb) contains them all.