Image of the Month- November 2015

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Tapton School

The Image of the Month for November is the small star formation region, NGC 7635x, also known as the Bubble Nebula. This was a very popular object to observe in November, and despite these observations being chosen from Tapton School, we also had some strong contenders from Mary Webb School, Kingsbridge Community College and Castell Alun High School! Congratulations to you all for your wonderful observations! For this version of NGC 7635x, we created a 3-colour image using the LTImage software, but then went a step further and used software like paint to get rid of the trails left in some of the stars, created by the camera saturating as the stars are so bright and the exposures taken long. You need the long exposures here to make sure you observe the dust around the star, but unfortunately this can lead to bright stars being over-exposed.