AstroLab lets you view and analyse your observations using any web browser. It can open FITS files that you have downloaded to your computer or open a file direct from Your Observations. All you need is an Internet connection!

Open AstroLab


AstroLab Versions

The version of AstroLab you see depends on your account settings:

AstroLab Nova:

  • Primary teachers and their students (3-11 years)
  • Those not logged into a Schools' Observatory Account

AstroLab Stellar:

  • Secondary and college teachers and their students (11+ years)
  • Those logged into a User Account

AstroLab Nova is designed for primary schools and those new to astronomy. It does not contain all the features of AstroLab Stellar. If you are seeing the wrong version, check that you are logged in. If you are a teacher and want to change the version you see, visit Your Account and edit the School Type within the School Classification tab. Teachers can also edit the age range of any student accounts.


Help Guides

AstroLab is designed to be easy to use and contain all the information you need to view and analyse your observations. If you need a bit more help, use our AstroLab: How to... guides and videos. 

You can also use these example data files to practise using the software while waiting for your own observations.

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