Our theme this month: Star Gazing!

It's Stargazing Season!

It's November and the nights are drawing in, which is great for astronomers! We are celebrating National Astronomy Week (taking place from 14th - 22nd November). You can use our Night Sky tools to help to plan your stargazing.

Picture of planet Mars. Credit: NASA

National Astronomy Week (14 - 22 Nov)

We call it 'Stargazing', but astronomers look at all sorts of objects in space, not just stars. If you looked up at the night sky in October, you won't have been able to miss the planet Mars. During National Astronomy Week, Mars will be visible even earlier in the evening. The gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn will also be shining. Happy planet-gazing!

The organisers of National Astronomy Week are hosting a programme of exciting virtual events. And each evening, weather permitting, observatories around the country will be live streaming views of Mars and other astronomical objects. 

Aspiring Stargazers

Future astronomers and astrophysicists should check out our Stargazing and Getting More Involved pages in the NSO Careers area. The NSO's very own Dr. Stacey Habergham-Mawson has written an article for Futurum Careers all about astrophysics.  

Things to do


NSO Image of the Month September 2020

#ShowTheNSO - National Astronomy Week

Please share your science with us on social media @SchoolsObs. And why not request an image of Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn using the Liverpool Telescope. Go Observing!

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