The Schools' Observatory STEM Clubs

The Schools' Observatory has produced a series of STEM Club booklets that support you to lead 18 weeks of engaging activities, all themed around the inspirational topic of space.


Why run a STEM Club?

STEM Clubs allow students to explore and engage with science, technology, engineering, and maths outside of the curriculum. They shouldn't be confused with homework or catch-up clubs. STEM Clubs can bring benefits to students, teachers, and the whole school.

With a STEM Club you can:

  1. develop a love of STEM in students
  2. improve students' practical, teamwork, and presentation skills
  3. give a teachers the opportunity to try new activities and broaden their knowledge of STEM
  4. improve levels of student engagement within the school

The National STEM Learning Centre provides additional information and support for schools wanting to set up and run STEM Clubs.


Key Information

The booklets provide three levels of activities (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) for both Primary and Secondary schools, with students gaining certificates at the end of each stage. Each level contains six sessions, designed to take around an hour each week, over six weeks. The Leader Booklets provide enough support for someone with little-to-no science background to run the club, making it ideal for a parent, teaching assistant, or even an older student.

To run the sessions as a STEM Club Leader you will need to register for a Teacher Account (if you don't already have one) and then create student accounts for your students. We have a help page that guides you through creating student accounts.

Some of the sessions require the use of computers and our free software. Get started using the software to view and analyse images.