Pre-Work Experience Week Information

Location of the ARI - click for larger version.

We hope you are looking forward to your Work Experience Week at the Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI). Here is some important information, please read it all carefully before you arrive.

We will be updating this page with information as the weeks progress. If there is something you want to see here, please email us:

The week starts on Monday 8th July and will end Friday 12th July 2024.




Employer name: Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
Contact name: Stacey Habergam-Mawson
Contact number: 0151 231 2954


ARI = Astrophysics Research Institute

Work Experience Week (or Wexweek!) is hosted by the ARI. This is a department within LJMU.  The Schools' Observatory are a team within the ARI who support schools and school students to access the Universe!

During the week, activities will take place in LJMU's Student Life Building - the postcode is L3 5GE. The Student Life Building has water coolers and a café. There will be a 1-hour lunch break each day. On Monday 8th July we will be providing a free lunch.



Important Information

Health & Safety

If you feel unwell or need first aid at any time, please alert a member of staff. 

If the fire alarm sounds, leave by the nearest emergency exit stairs – do not use the lift. All doors must be closed upon exit. Go to the fire assembly point and wait to be told you can return to the building.



ARI staff will greet you on Monday morning at the reception in the Student Life Building. You will be given security cards so you can re-enter the building during the week. To exit, you can just approach the barrier and it will open automatically.



No smoking, drinking, or drugs are strictly allowed on the premises, except for prescribed medication.

What we expect from you:

  • Punctuality
  • Politeness
  • Attendance at all sessions
  • Work effectively in your group

What you can expect from us:

  • Professionalism
  • Help if you need it
  • A safe environment
  • All the equipment you will need


LJMU Policies


Health and Safety Policy Document (pdf)

Risk Assessment (pdf)

First Aid (pdf)

Fire Safety (pdf)

Children on University Premises (pdf)


Local Information


Things to do

Liverpool Tourist Board

Things to do in Liverpool - Trip Advisor List

There are 3 cinemas in Liverpool city centre;

  • ODEON Liverpool One
  • Picturehouse At FACT
  • Everyman Liverpool

Liverpool also has at least 6 theaters!


Timetable for the week*

Please aim to arrive at the Student Life Building by 9:15 AM on the Monday morning.

Day & Time Activity
Monday 10th July
09.15 Arrive at the Student Life Building
09.30 Welcome and Introductions
10.00 Icebreakers
11.00 Introduction to Astrophysics (talk)
12:30 Lunch Provided by the ARI
13:45 Tour of the Student Life Building
14:15 Break
14:30 Introduction to Robotic Telescopes (talk)
15:30 Design a Telescope (workshop)
16:45 End of day 1
Tuesday 11th July
09.30 Project Briefing
10.00 Introduction to Stars (talk)
11.00 Using Astronomical Data (workshop)
12.30 Lunch 
13.30 Introduction to Data Processing (workshop)
14:30 Science Communication skills (workshop)
15:30 Break
15:45 Project Assignments and Group Research
16.45 End of Day 2
Wednesday 12th July
09.30 Recap - Using Astronomical Data
10:30 Work on Group Research Projects
12.00 Lunch 
13:00 Work on Group Research Projects
16.45 End of Day 3
Thursday 13th July
09.30  Recap - Posters
10:00 Work on Group Research Projects
12.00 Lunch 
13:00 Work on Group Research Projects
16.45 End of Day 4
Friday 14th July
09.30 University Life (Q&A)
10:45 Careers in Physics (talk and Q&A)
11:30 Prep time for Poster Session
12.00 Lunch 
13.00 Student Finance & Applying to University (talk)
14:00 Poster Presentation Session
15:00 Break
15:15 Closing presentations 
16.15 End of Work Experience Week

* Subject to change