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Go Outside

Moon Diary

Counting Stars

The easiest and simplest way to get involved is to go outside and look up! If you live in the countryside and you have a dark sky - great! If you live in a city or well populated area, you might find you can’t see that many stars. There are still lots of things to look at though! So don’t give up. You can try creating a Moon Diary or Counting Stars in your area. For more great ideas visit our Things to Do! page



Credit: Jam123

Faulkes Telescope

Credit: Faulkes Telescope

From the comfort of your home (or classroom) you can access the world’s largest robotic telescope. With Go Observing you can take images of moons, planets, galaxies and nebulae. Find out where the stars are going to be with our guide to what’s in the night sky or plan an observation with Stellarium. Check out what you can do with other robotic telescopes .


Supernova Project

Credit: The Schools' Observatory & Bradley Young


Credit: ESO/S. Brunier

There are many ways to do real research and contribute to a science project. You could save the Earth from being hit with big rocks in Hunting for Asteroids. Or help us classify exploding stars in our Supernova Project. There are many projects to explore on the Zooniverse, a citizen science platform with projects as diverse as penguins and black holes!