Annie Jump Cannon

Annie Jump Cannon
Credit: Smithsonian Institution (US)

Occupation: Astronomer and Curator

Year born: 1863

Research Areas: Stars, Stellar Classification, Spectroscopy


"In our troubled days it is good to have something outside our planet, something fine and distant for comfort"

Ricardo Schiavon

Headshot of Ricardo Schiavon
Ricardo Schiavon
Credit: ARI/LJMU

Occupation: Astrophysicist

Research Areas: Galaxy formation, Observational astronomy


"I consider myself extremely lucky to be where I am, do what I do, and to be surrounded by so many amazing people here in Liverpool."


Gan De

Occupation: Astronomer and Mathematician

Year born: Around 400 BCE

Research Areas: Jupiter’s movements, Star maps, Sunspots


"[Jupiter] ...was very large and bright. Apparently, there was a small reddish star appended to its side. "

Source: Treatise on Astrology of the Kaiyuan Era, xxiii


Early Life