Space in Your Life Game

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You may be aware that space exploration requires lots of technology, but did you know that some of that technology is used back on Earth to make people's lives better? Match the pairs to learn about the space technology in your life!

How Do Satellites Stay In Orbit?

A satellite is an object which orbits another. An orbit is the curved path that an object in space takes around another object.

A satellite in space with part of the Earth below it. The satellite is surrounded by question marks,

Light and Mirrors Card Match

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Astronomers use light to study things in space. Objects like planets, stars and galaxies all emit or reflect light. Telescopes help astronomers collect light from objects that are far away in space.

How much do you know about the topic of light? Match the word to the correct definition to find out!


What are the Risks from Asteroids?

An illustration of an asteroid heading towards the Earth

Telescopes Quiz

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Telescopes are used to magnify distant objects. They are a vital tool for astronomy. Over the last few hundred years, scientists and engineers have built bigger and better telescopes, revealing the mysteries of the Universe. But how much do you know about telescopes on Earth and beyond?


Jan Eldridge

Jan Jamie Eldridge
Jan Eldridge
Credit: inSCIght Magazine Photography.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Occupation: Theoretical astrophysicist

Research Areas: Numerical Modelling, Stellar Evolution, Binary Stars