Ricardo Schiavon

Headshot of Ricardo Schiavon
Ricardo Schiavon
Credit: ARI/LJMU

Occupation: Astrophysicist

Research Areas: Galaxy formation, Observational astronomy


"I consider myself extremely lucky to be where I am, do what I do, and to be surrounded by so many amazing people here in Liverpool."


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Astronomy and astrophysics involve studying and investigating the science of the Universe. It is an unusual science because it deals with extremes. Extreme sizes. From massive galaxies light-years across to tiny atoms that power the stars. Extreme temperatures. From millions of degrees in the centre of the Sun to 3 degrees above absolute zero in the vacuum of space. This means that astronomers need to understand lots of different science topics.  

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell - painting by H. Dassell, 1851 
Credit: Public Domain

Occupation: Astronomer, Educator, Librarian

Year born: 1818

Research Areas: Comets, Solar Eclipse, Planets, Double Stars, Nebulae