What Does Life Need?

Image showing title of the video and illustrations for Air, Water, Food and Shelter.

Why Does the Earth Have Seasons?

A diagram of the position of the Earth at different points in its orbit around the Sun that create the four seasons.

What is the Sun?

Make your own pinhole camera

All of the light we receive on Earth comes from the Sun.

A graphic showing light from the Sun passing through a box and projecting on to a sreen


We are all familiar with waves; from ripples on the surface of a pond to the swell of the ocean. A wave is just a regular vibration that travels through something, like air or water. Sound is one type of wave. When someone speaks, the waves are made in their throat and travel out to the listener's ear. It is then the ear's job to change that wave in the air into a signal that can be understood by the brain. Sound waves need support - a medium - to travel.

Annie Jump Cannon

Annie Jump Cannon
Credit: Smithsonian Institution (US)

Occupation: Astronomer and Curator

Year born: 1863

Research Areas: Stars, Stellar Classification, Spectroscopy


"In our troubled days it is good to have something outside our planet, something fine and distant for comfort"

Investigate Day and Night

Short Intro Text: 

On Earth, night follows day and day follows night. But why?

Complete this fun investigation to find out!

Measure Mountains on the Moon

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Did you know there are mountains on the Moon? How tall do you think they are? Are they higher than mountains on Earth?

Complete this activity to find out! You will use high resolution images of the Moon and a bit of maths to investigate the answer.

Make a Sundial

A paper sundial lying on the grass