The 'Space Weight' Calculator

Ever wondered how heavy or light you would feel on another planet in our Solar System? Our 'Space Weight' Calculator lets you find out! You can input a value in any units you like (kilograms, pounds, newtons, elephants...) and the answer you get will be in the same units. 

Use the 'Space Weight' calculator to find out:

  • How heavy or light you would be on another planet
  • How the results vary on different planets


So why is it different?

Weight is the result of gravity pulling on mass. Mass is the stuff that everything is made of. Your weight is different on other planets in the Solar System because the gravity is different. Planets with more mass have stronger gravity. Planets with less mass have weaker gravity.

If you want to have a go at doing the maths yourself, try Calculating your Weight on another Planet (login required).

All the planets of the Solar System, to Scale (size only)
Credit: NASA