Primary Christmas Lecture Videos

Every year we host a Christmas Space Event aimed at ages 7-11. You can watch some of our previously recorded events here.


Snow Place Like Home!

On December 19th 2022 over 13,000 school children from across the UK and the world joined our team of Astro-Estate Agents to help our new Snow-Friends find a new home. We toured the Solar System trying to find a new home for them that was just right. Not too hot, or dark, not to polluted and somewhere with friends to play with. It was a tough job, but we found somewhere. Watch our video to find out where.


An Elf Space Adventure

Recorded live on December 15th 2021 with over 7000 school children watching! During the event children were challenged to create their own constellations; do some cosmic yoga and of course track the elves' search for Santa's lost presents on a map of the Universe.


Santa's Space Vacation

Recorded live on December 15th 2020 with over 2600 school children from across the UK and Italy. We take Santa on a tour of the Solar System so he can take a socially distanced holiday after the big day! Stay tuned to see where the children voted to send Santa.


The Solar System and Beyond

Filmed in front of a UK Primary School audience, this exciting lecture explores our Solar System and Beyond. Starting with our closest neighbours, Sally and Andy explore our Sun, Moon and the planets of our Solar System. We go hunting for asteroids and take a look at how gravity works on the International Space Station with Tim Peake. We look at the different kinds of jobs needed for space, it's not all about becoming an astronaut. We investigate how big Jupiter is compared to the Earth using a balloon and see how far away it would be to the Sun and Earth in relation to the City of Liverpool.