Count the Stars!

Have you ever wondered how many stars you can see in the night sky? Did you know that the number you can see depends on where you are? This is because of something called light pollution. The more light pollution from human-made lights, the fewer stars you will see.

Have a go at counting the number of stars visible where you are. Then share your results with us and we'll add them to our light pollution map!

You'll need to do this activity outside on a clear, dark night!

By the end of this activity you will:

  • have completed a scientific investigation
  • have used some of your maths skills
  • have shared your results 

To complete this activity you will need:

  • 1 piece of A4 paper
  • sticky tape
  • a copy of the results sheet
  • something to write with
  • a clear, dark night!


Light Pollution near Wickham, Essex
Credit: Need-Less